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Protecting your Holiday Shopping

Protecting your Holiday Shopping

Friday Dec 21st, 2018

Holiday shopping can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of the season. Finding the perfect gift (at a great price!) that you know will be a hit with the recipient always feels like a huge accomplishment - and sometimes a huge relief, depending on how many shopping days you have left to cross everyone off your list!

Most of us do a combination of in-store and online shopping in preparation for the holidays, but online sales are grabbing an increasingly larger percentage of our holiday shopping budgets. In fact, online sales are expected to be 15% higher this year than last, equating to more than $123 billion in just the months of November and December. Cyber Monday alone sees nearly $8 billion.

That’s a lot of online purchases.

Online retailers aren’t the only ones who are familiar with this trend. Cyber criminals also recognize it as well, and see the astronomical amount consumers spend on Internet purchases during the holidays as an opportunity to take advantage of. They continually develop and employ new methods of acquiring cardholder data to steal sensitive personal information or even account funds.

It’s a Christmas miracle!

What if you could stop cyber criminals before they have the chance to steal your information? What if you could completely control how your card is used, monitor and track card activity, limit spending by amounts or location, (even within a particular zip code!) and turn card functions on and off with the push of a button?

Meet SecurLOCK™, an app you can download for your Android or iPhone and link to your Marquette Savings Bank debit card. SecurLOCK™ puts you in complete control of how, when and where your debit card is used, and even allows you to turn it off from your mobile device.

● Want to only approve local purchases within Erie? You can do that with SecurLOCK™. Purchases that originate elsewhere will not be approved and you’ll be alerted of the attempt.

● Want to set spending limits? Choose a specific amount as your “limit” and be notified of any attempted purchase that exceeds your selected amount.

● How about controlling the types of merchants the card can be used at and setting spending limits for each type? You can do that, too.

● Need to do a better job staying on top of your budget? SecurLOCK™ will send you an alert and let you know when you’ve gone over your set spending limit for the month.

All you need to get started is a personal debit card issued from Marquette Savings Bank and your smartphone. Once you register you can begin using the app immediately.

Peace of Mind when Shopping Online - MasterCard® Guest Checkout

Protect every purchase you make this holiday season with MasterCard Guest Checkout, a service from MasterCard and Marquette that provides an additional layer of security when you’re shopping online.

Not only is it a free service, it’s simple to use.

Let’s say you’ve selected a few items from Target’s website and are ready to check out using your Marquette debit card. After you enter your card information you’ll be prompted to enter a special code that only you know, just like you would use at the ATM. When you correctly enter your MasterCard Guest Checkout, your card issuer confirms that you are the authorized cardholder and your purchase is completed.

Without entering your code, the purchase cannot be confirmed or completed. No exceptions. This helps prevent online purchases being made without your knowledge or consent. If you haven’t registered for MasterCard Guest Checkout, you can do it here.

Enjoy the holidays - we have your back.

It’s pretty simple. We want to make sure you can finish your holiday shopping online knowing your purchases are protected and your accounts are safe.

Crossing those names off your list shouldn’t be stressful - it should be enjoyable. And it can be when you have the peace of mind Marquette offers you with products designed to put you in complete control and safeguard against even the most savvy cyber criminals.

Learn more about all the ways Marquette helps protect your accounts or contact us if you have questions!

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