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Cardless Cash to the Rescue

Cardless Cash to the Rescue

Wednesday Aug 1st, 2018

Picture this scenario.

It's Sunday. You're from Meadville and you're headed to the Erie Zoo for a day trip. You leave your house with your two kids, cell phone, coffee cup, stroller, diaper bag, snack bag, toy bag and another bag you aren't even sure what's inside of.

You make it all the way to the zoo parking lot before realizing you don’t have your purse. It’s nowhere in the car. Which means it’s still sitting at home on your kitchen table.

Inside your purse is your wallet and inside your wallet is your money - and your debit card.

How are you going to pay for the zoo?

Are you going to have to drive all the way back to Meadville for your wallet?

Is your day trip ruined? You start panicking a little.

Suddenly, you remember that you did manage to bring your cell phone - and that you're a Marquette Savings Bank Customer - which means you have ability to use our mobile cash withdrawal app.

You breathe a sigh of relief.

You distract the kids with snacks, pull out your phone, open up your Marquette app, click on the ATM locations tab, and see that there is a Marquette ATM less than five minutes away on Liberty Street. You head over and get in the ATM line.

Once you're at the machine, you open the app and click the white "plus" sign in the bottom right corner, select "mobile cash," choose the amount you want to withdraw, hit "scan," then hold your mobile phone up to the ATM.

You get your cash, head back to the zoo and have a great day.

Cardless Cash Benefits
Marquette Savings Bank is the first bank in Northwest PA to offer cardless cash through our ATMs, because we realize how useful it is to our customers. Some of the major benefits include:

Get your cash in seconds at any Marquette Savings Bank ATM.

Everything is handled through your mobile device, including your receipt which is stored electronically in one place.

When you use mobile cash withdrawal, you never use your ATM card or PIN, so the chances of someone accessing your info by using a skimming device is virtually impossible. Additionally, information about your account is not stored on your phone. It's stored in a secure cloud, so even if your phone is lost or stolen, your account information remains 100% secure.

Learn more about mobile transactions from Marquette, including cardless cash. Don’t forget to make sure you have the Mobile Marquette app downloaded to your phone! It’s available for both Apple and Android devices.

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