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Jump Up CD

How the Jump Up CD works

Our Jump Up CD option is a great choice when rates are rising. Open any Marquette Certificate of Deposit (CD) at today’s rate, with money not currently on deposit at Marquette Savings Bank. If the rate rises, you have a one-time opportunity to restart the term of your CD at the more advantageous prevailing rate at any time during the term of your CD.


For Example: If you open a 12-month CD today and the rate goes up after three months, you are Mpowered™ to request a restart on your CD at the higher rate for another 12 months – the original term of your CD – without penalty.

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Jump-up Certificate of Deposit Terms and Conditions

  • Jump-Up is only available on new certificates of deposits opened with money currently not on deposit at Marquette Savings Bank.
  • Exercising this option is not subject to penalty. However, withdrawals of the original principal are subject to the Early Withdrawal Penalty as stated in your Certificate of Deposit terms.
  • No additional deposits permitted.

The offer does not apply to retirement accounts. The rate jump is activated only if requested by the customer.

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