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To protect your accounts from fraud and criminal activity, Marquette Savings Bank utilizes a leading fraud protection authority called Falcon Fraud Monitoring. The company proactively monitors your card transactions for criminal activity that may occur. Between Saturday, June 15, 2019 and Monday, June 17, 2019, Falcon has issued a number of alerts to our customers concerning potential unauthorized use of their debit card.


  • IT'S IMPORTANT TO KNOW: the money in your account is protected. If money was deducted through criminal activity it will be restored in full.
  • Any activity that is out of your normal usage patterns may be flagged as possible criminal activity by Falcon Fraud Monitoring.
  • If suspected fraudulent activity is identified on your debit card account, you may receive a telephone call from a Marquette representative at Falcon to verify whether action should be taken to protect your account.
  • If a message is left and you need to return the call, contact our Falcon representatives as quickly as possible at 1-866-374-6975.
  • If fraudulent activity on your account is identified, your card may be frozen and transactions declined. This type of activity is what leads to the discovery of larger fraud trends, and unfortunately this temporary inconvenience is necessary to protect your account.
  • If your card is impacted, a new card will be reissued to minimize the impact on your daily use.
  • The money in your account is insured against criminal activity, and the money in your account will be restored.


  • Check your account to determine if all purchases are as expected.
  • If you determine that an unauthorized transaction has occurred, and is showing on your account, CONTACT your local branch and inform them of all details. For a listing of Marquette's branch phone numbers, click here.
  • Marquette Savings Bank provides FREE card security software. Consider providing additional security by activating SecureLock, or MasterCard SecureCode programs to protect your accounts against unauthorized debit card and online purchases.
  • Once your accounts are protected with SecureLock, consider locking your account until you are ready to make a purchase. Then use the program to unlock your account when you are ready to make your next purchase.
  • You can also set alerts to protect your accounts from unauthorized use. Watch any of our "How to" videos here.
  • Also watch a video on Security and Authentication of Your Marquette Account by clicking the video button here .


  • We are addressing the situation on a customer by customer basis and we are issuing new cards for customers who have experienced unauthorized activity.
  • This issue is currently still under investigation.
  • As new information becomes available we will post updates on our website. Continue to monitor our website to determine when the issue is fully resolved.


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