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The Marquette Mortgage Advantage


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The Marquette Mortgage Advantage

Doing your homework on which financial institution to go to for your mortgage? Be sure to talk with friends and family as we're sure Marquette Savings Bank will come highly recommended. Aside from "the Hometown Touch" which only Marquette Savings Bank can deliver, here are just a few more reasons why more and more customers are choosing Marquette Savings Bank as their preferred financial institution when it comes to home loans of all types.

MORE Years of Experience (since 1908). Because mortgages have been Marquette's specialty since 1908, we pride ourselves in knowing what our customers expect from the mortgage process and in delivering on our promise. Many decision makers in Marquette's lending department have decades of experience dealing with local realtors, builders and attorneys and that experience can keep your loan process moving along.

MORE Specialization in Mortgages. For more than 100 years, Marquette has been fulfilling local residents' dreams of home ownership. This specialty has kept more than four generations of customers coming to Marquette for their home loans.

MORE Speed (all decisions made locally). Because mortgages have been our specialty since Marquette's inception, we've streamlined the mortgage loan process compared to other financial institutions which means less wait time for our customers. One reason Marquette processes mortgages faster is because all underwriting, servicing and loan decisions are handled locally. At other financial institutions, these same processes often are centralized out of town which slows the process considerably. And did we mention … Marquette's loan committee meets weekly with loan approvals often granted daily to better meet customers' needs. At Marquette, your loan is our priority.

MORE Loan Originators. With more mortgage loan originators than any other financial institution with offices in Erie and Crawford counties, Marquette customers meet face to face with our lenders who are located at every full-service office. Marquette's mortgage loan originators are experienced, helpful and will guide you through the mortgage loan process from prequalification to loan closing. At Marquette, mortgage loan originators have direct contact with loan decision makers and are able to discuss with them the particulars of a customer's loan file instead of having a computer make a loan decision solely based on numbers.

MORE Hometown Servicing (for life of loan). At Marquette, we service 100% of our loans. You'll never be put on hold to speak with an out-of-town lender when it comes to your Marquette mortgage. With Marquette, we personally service each and every loan we write for the life of your loan. You'll always deal with Marquette now or 30 years from now in person, at a branch or directly by calling one of our offices.

MORE Convenience (single point of contact). Unlike many financial institutions where customers start the application process with one employee and then have to re-explain things to another employee, Marquette's customers have a single point of contact who will guide you through the loan process from start to finish.

MORE Loan Choices. Marquette Savings Bank is one of just a few local financial institutions to offer portfolio loans — loans not sold in the secondary market but instead are kept on Marquette's books for the entire duration of the loan. This loan can be more flexible and advantageous to borrowers interested in a mortgage on an atypical property which other financial institutions are not able to write.

MORE Savings with Fewer Fees and Straight-Forward Pricing. Marquette does not charge a broker fee, additional underwriter fee or fee for escrow like some lenders do. And the fees Marquette does charge are reasonable and straight-forward so you know just what the fee represents. Unable to put 20% down? Let the experts at Marquette explain your options.

MORE Choices at Closing. With Marquette, we'll escrow for taxes and homeowner's insurance free of charge. Plus, buyers have their choice of legal counsel.

MORE Speed on Draws (for new construction). If you're building a home, Marquette ensures payments on draws are fast, usually within just days of inspection, which keeps your home construction project moving along. That's why builders -- and another reason why homeowners -- love dealing with Marquette.

See why when shopping for home loans, Marquette Savings Bank is where more Erie and Crawford county residents go for fast, professional service. To learn more about the Marquette Mortgage Advantage, please contact any mortgage loan originator or call (814) 455-4481 or toll-free 1-866-MSB-ERIE.

Marquette Main Office  ·  920 Peach St., Erie, PA 16501  ·  (814) 455-4481  ·  1-866-MSB-ERIE (672-3743)  ·  Find a branch near you
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